Rich & Andy Wilburn Licensed in Oregon
Wilburn Ranch Brokerage

38498 Fox Valley Road
Long Creek, OR 97856

Cell: 541.421.5300
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“Andy and Rich Wilburn have represented me in three sizeable property sales in the last 10 years.  Their honesty, professionalism and their knowledge of the area speaks to why they are among the top Ranch Realtors in Eastern Oregon.”  Carl Brockman

 In 2012 we began our search for a ranch property in the west. We worked with real estate agents in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Oregon. We ran the gamut of good, bad, and excellent agents.  When we decided to make an offer on an Oregon property represented Andy and Rich Wilburn it turned out to be an enjoyable experience. Andy Wilburn went out of his way to make sure everything went as planned. Was there a hiccup or two? Sure. But, Andy had the situation ironed out before if ever became an issue.   We purchased the property in mid year 2013. Not being from Oregon I had many questions about the fish and game laws and property borders. Andy has been answering my questions and given me advice concerning the ranch we purchased. The service did not end at the closing of the sale. What more could you ask for.. . .?   Thanks Andy and Rich.. Steve Kreps Sr.
“I have enjoyed my dealings with  Andy and think he has always handled things professionally and honestly.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use him as a broker for any of my real estate dealings.  I appreciated all of his efforts on Franks Creek Ranch.  Thanks Andy.”  Gary Miller
“I worked with Andy Wilburn over many months to research and visit available ranch properties in Eastern Oregon.  Andy’s experience and knowledge in the area was very helpful in locating the property which met all of my requirements.   Andy was always attentive to my schedule and was truly a pleasure to work with through the entire process of both finding the right property and consummating the transaction. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone who is looking for property in eastern Oregon.”
Robert Nettinga
“Rich and Andy are knowledgeable about every aspect of ranch and recreation property.   It’s knowledge based on many years of experience as cattle ranchers and avid sportsmen.   Rich and Andy are genuinely great people to get to know and to work with on a transaction.”   Wayne Ullman
I want you to know that you and Rich were absolutely fantastic as we went through selling the ranch. You helped us in every way possible far beyond the call of duty. Lanny and I can add to that that you both were so thorough and always honest in everything done. I just don’t have enough superlatives to say because when we needed help you were there. You helped us get things moved around and actually helped us to clear things up in readiness for the new owner. It made it much simpler with your help. You were really friends to us. If anyone needs to find out more about you, please have them call me, Shirley Westbrook, at  602-254-6858.
Thank you so much,
Shirley Westbrook
“I have found the Wilburns of Wilburn Ranch Brokerage to be dependable, reliable, honest and knowledgeable when working with them in purchasing property that they were representing for sale.  I have also established a  close friendship with the family.  I would highly recommend connecting with the Wilburns when buying or selling ranch or recreation property.”
Larry Visser
“My wife and I have been involved in numerous real estate transactions over the years and have had an opportunity to work with some fine real estate agents and brokers.  We can say unequivocally, however, that none of them have exceeded our expectations the way Andy and Rich Wilburn have.  From the very beginning, these fine gentlemen have gone the extra mile to help us before, during and following the actual transaction.  They are extremely knowledgeable not only about real estate transactions in general but about country and ranch properties, living, culture, building, farming/ranching, recreation and everything else in the Eastern Oregon region.  Andy and Rich Wilburn are honest and hard-working men of integrity.  We are sure you will be as blessed to work with them as we have been.”
Gary and Deidre Jepson 
Because of the time, effort, care, and just plain hard work the Wilburns put into helping us purchase our “Forever” home, we now feel as if we are a part of their family, or at least they are a part of ours. There is no way to put into words the amount of gratitude we have for the Wilburns, but also a great appreciation just knowing that there are still people out there who are willing to go the extra mile. For that I will always view the Wilburns not just as a realtor, but as a friend who I know will do what they say, who can be counted on even when times are hard, and who I will also go out of my way to help should they ever require my assistance. This is simply the way they are, and I only wish there were more people like this great family in the world today.”  Travis L.
“We sold our Ranch In Ritter, Oregon through a local Realtor, Andy Wilbur, and now he and his Family will be life long Friends.  Andy did many things outside the scope of a Realtor, since we live out of Oregon, he either fixed things himself or got someone to fix things for us.  I can’t say how much this kind of service is helpful.  The sale was a very smooth transaction and Andy was always fair in his dealings with us.  I hope someday to drive back up there to visit with the Family and Andy.”   Lou and Shirley Souza
“My experience with you as a  Realtor has been almost too good to be true-especially after seeing some others in practice.  I think the two things that stand out the most were the quickness in which you returned my inquires-phone calls and emails-and how you explained each process in a way that I could understand.  In each profession it is easy to use a “language” that often leaves the customer just nodding their head but not really understanding what is happening.  You took the time to explain each step and before I signed the “dotted line” I did know what was happening.  I also appreciated the professional, yet kind way you dealt with the circumstances that went with the last sale.  Fruit of the Spirit flowing from you!”  Ruthie Shuck